Direct Hit

It is in those last days of the year where after careful consideration of what we did not accomplish, we begin to compose our list of resolutions for the year to come.  The most common of those resolutions usually having to do with body image as well as goals of personal development, and relationships, many of which are carried over from the previous year.


My list, although not very long, is usually very specific with all the details carefully spelled out.   Some years are better than others but it isn’t uncommon for me to miss the target and find the same items on my list year after year.

This year, after taking an honest inventory of where I am at with my goals, I have decided to condense my resolutions into one.

 To be a Direct Hit!

On occasion the reason I have missed my target has had to do with alignment.  Being even just one millimeter off, can cause you to miss the bull’s eye.

So what does one millimeter look like?

It can be summed up into one thing; having the wrong vision.

Aiming for the wrong goals can leave us frustrated and fatigued as we are constantly trying to accomplish that which was not meant for us.

The right vision can only come from the Creator who made everyone and everything with a purposeful design.

Today I chose His vision over mine and give Him space to launch me into a direct hit.


Are you chasing His vision or yours?

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6 thoughts on “Direct Hit

  1. Rosie, this year I decided to make a practical goal for 2016, which is to make sure I check my cell phone often, or at least more often then I did in 2015. We lived for years in a third world country where at first we did not even have cell phone service and even we got it, which was not often, it was normal for it to cut you off right in the middle of an important email. Yet despite all the issue with our cell phone , life went on in the states and even in Papua New Guinea without me keeping in touch a lot. Now ministering in the states, everyone I know carries their cell phones to every room the go into. I don’t so I do miss call, text, messages and it frustrates them. They ask what if something terrible had happen and we needed to get ahold of you…I tell them, sent the police. My spiritual goal is to know God better. Those are the only two I can keep up with. Love you goal of wanting to be used as a, Direct Hit for the Lord. Blessings

    • Hi Betty, thank you for sharing. I don’t think its a bad thing that you don’t carry your cell phone everywhere, in fact I think most of us could benefit from leaving it behind a little more often 🙂 God shows His face to those who seek Him so I know you will get to know Him better this year if you make an effort to draw near to Him. Stay focused and I appreciate you stopping by.

    • Thank you, and yes you are correct, living according to God’s vision puts us in the right direction. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a lovely and inspiring post. Happy New year lovely. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope to see you again this week for another great round. #sharewithme