Climbing Higher

Being a South Florida native, high altitudes are not something we are familiar with. Barely above sea level, the highest point you might encounter while in Florida is the occasional landfill which gives the illusion of being a hill. A smelly hill at that.

Climber watching a glacier at sunrise

I have, however, had the opportunity to go hiking in Colorado Springs and the difference in altitude compared to Florida is night and day. Shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches are some of the symptoms one might experience when trying to adjust to the new elevation.

Lucky for me, shortness of breath was the only reminder I had that my body was trying to Acclimate itself to the new environment. This discomfort however was overpowered by the breathtaking view.

A higher level calls for an adjustment on our part as oxygen and pressure become lower creating a much “thinner” air than we are used to. This of course, isn’t for everybody.

So how does the body acclimate itself exactly?

By spending time at the higher elevation the body begins to produce more red blood cells in order to circulate more oxygen.

This week, I found myself wanting to climb higher. Although the mountain I climb is an invisible one, the climb is just as real and can leave me experiencing the same symptoms a physical mountain can.

In this higher place, the demand is greater but the reward is higher!

In spite of the adjustments I need to make, the higher I climb the closer I get to Him. It is in this “thin air” that He is found. It isn’t for everybody…only for those who are willing to adjust!

For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required Luke 12:48

Are you willing to make the adjustment?

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