A Father’s Love

How deep?  How wide?  How great is a fathers love?


As a society we always seem to refer to a mothers love when trying to describe the greatest love we know to exist.  Being a mother myself and having experienced my own mothers love, I can not only attest from a receivers standpoint, but from a givers as well, that a mothers love is certainly incomparable to any other.  However, a fathers love, which many times seems to go under the radar, is not only just as big but carries within its essence a certain factor that can never be duplicated and is the healing touch of humanity.    

Perhaps you’re familiar with what I speak of.  That certain word spoken through a father into the life of an individual capable of healing even the deepest wound, capable of freeing the most bound spirit,  capable of turning the worst situation around.  A word released with such authority and fueled with the very breath of G-d; this is the Love of which I speak channeled only through the love of a father.

I was reminded this week of this precise love as I sat and recalled possibly the scariest conversation I’ve had in my life.  I was 25, not married, lived at home, hadn’t finished school, and just found out I was pregnant.  As much as I wanted to hide this from everyone, the morning sickness was so bad that it was only a matter of time before everyone figured it out and so I was convinced by my sister, Barbie, and my cousin, Janet, that I had to tell my parents.  Talk about petrified!  How would they react?  What would they say?  What a disappointment I would be to everyone.  

Only G-d knew what I was feeling at the moment and only He knew what would be necessary in order for me to move forward bravely in what seemed to be the scariest moment of my life.

Filled with shame and embarrassment, I confronted my mother and father and told them my situation.  Though I thought my mother would scream and yell, she didn’t, instead she retrieved into her own space to try and deal with the news.  Though it was a relief in a way, the silence was louder than any words she could have ever spoken.  

My father on the other hand cried.  I can still close my eyes and see how he wiped his tears with his pudgy little hands.  I remember feeling his pain and then he did what I never imagined he would.  He placed his hands on my stomach and said “I hope they’re twins”.  And with those words I was suddenly accepted!

As many times as I think upon this moment in my life I always come to the same awakening; how great was the love of my father! To not only accept me with what was the result of my sin at the time but to express his love in such a way where if that result was doubled he would still stand by me and love me unconditionally!

The Healing Touch of Humanity.  – Capable of making all things new.  

This is the perfect picture of the love of our fatherAccepting of us with all of our issues, downfalls, and weaknesses and expressing His love in such a way where even while we fail Him on a daily basis, He stands by us and loves us unconditionally!   Matchless in every way I tell you…Matchless!

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