What I Learned from the 8th Grade President

-How do you spell ManipulateDOUBT

The presidential race fever began early in my house; around October last year to be exact.  Although I’m not referring to the candidates whose faces have been all over TV recently, the race was just as critical; at least around The Jensing household.


The ladybug you see in the picture is my daughter, Sky, who decided she wanted to run for 8th grade president.
From advertisements to slogans, Sky’s campaign was being carefully developed by the best campaign manager I know; The Jensing.  Part of the process involved in qualifying as a candidate called for a written essay expressing why she would be the best person for the position, along with each teacher signing off that Sky was excelling in both academics as well as conduct.

If you know any politicians, than you understand that all politicians are good talkers; Sky is no exception.  Every teacher signed off that her grades were proficient except Mr. Roberts (Note: all names have been changed in order to protect their identity) who gave Sky a less than ideal grade in conduct stating that she was a talker.

If you allow me to put my mommy hat on right now, I can tell you that I was livid.  All this hard work and it was about to go down the drain because Mr. Roberts couldn’t see the political genius in my daughters personality!!  (Tongue in cheek people, Tongue in cheek)

Sky had already turned in her essay and all that was left to do now was for her to turn in the teacher sign-offs.  Of course we all knew that this would probably mean the end of her campaign trail.

The night before it was due, Sky had yet to turn in this missing piece.  She went to bed that night but not before having a heart to heart talk with G-d about how she really wanted this and asked for Him to make a way.

So what exactly did I learn from Ms. President (notice I said Ms. President)? <Gloating>

Yes!!! Sky won that election and was voted in by her peers as 8th grade president.  She never turned in the form that day and simply believed that her prayers had been answered that evening the moment she brought it to the Lord.

I on the other hand, wasn’t as trustful.  In fact, just like many of the presidential candidates we see today, I was willing to do whatever it took to make sure she made it all the way through; even if that meant manipulating the situation here and there.  I had gone as far as suggesting to Sky that when she was asked for the missing form she should tell them that she had already turned it in.

If you have never been in the situation, having your child correct you is not fun.  Here I was encouraging my daughter to twist the truth when she stopped me dead in my tracks and said “Momma, I’m not going to do that”.  Sky had resolved to trust G-d for what she had asked.  In spite of her hard work, she accepted that this could mean the end for her but in her heart believed that G-d would make a way.

He did! 

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord – Luke 1:45

She was never asked for the form and moved forward in the process to the voting.

Many times making a way is exactly what He wants to do, that is until we intervene.  And just like I wanted to, we manipulate the situation because G-d of course needs all the help He can get!!!  If you don’t believe me, just ask Abraham and Sarah…

So what did I learn from the 8th grade president??… How to spell manipulateDOUBT.


Are you doubting today?  Don’t take the situation into your own hands, give it up to G-d instead.







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14 thoughts on “What I Learned from the 8th Grade President

  1. Doubt is a constant companion and trust is a constant lesson I learn and relearn. May I be steadfast to have the faith of that mustard seed and grow in Him.
    By the way, your daughter is beautiful on the outside too.

  2. Rosie this is a priceless illustration to talk about the correlation between manipulation and doubt. Thanks so much for sharing it and being open about what all of us as moms and grandmas are tempted to do to be sure the ones we cherish are given the options we want for them. Visiting today as your neighbor at #Testimony Tuesday.

    • Thank you for stopping by Pam. It’s always hard to open up about our shortcomings but its the only way others can relate to us. 🙂

  3. Love your tongue-in-cheek reference to Abraham and Sarah, the classic manipulators. Their son learned the game from them, and the beat went on. Much better to hand things over to God, for our own heart’s sake as well as for the lesson it passes on to our children!

  4. Good for her. Well done and she is who she is as you have taught and guided her well and sounds like her faith has too. Lovely post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  5. What a great story. I think that many of us have the tendency to want to manipulate a situation instead of trusting God.
    Congrats to your daughter!
    Thanks for linking with Grace and Truth last week. : )