My Family Portrait

If zebra pattern counted as a favorite color then I would say that it is mine.  I enjoy all things zebra…rugs, purses, shoes, cloths, and the list goes on.  The painting you see below was no exception.  I stumbled upon it on a Saturday morning about a year and half back. Being new to the Tampa area, the garage sale signs on every corner sparked my curiosity, and as I got off the car to check out what all the garage sale fuss was about, it caught my eye.


The garage sale host was an art dealer and had several pieces out for sale.  As beautiful as it was I left empty handed when he filled me in on the $2000 price tag.  Needless to say, a painting of this amount was not on my budget that morning, especially not from a garage sale.  I did however fall in love with the piece and didn’t leave without first passing along my contact information.

Did you know that although the stripes of a zebra all look the same, they really are not?  Just like no two human fingerprints are the same, neither are any zebra’s stripes the same.  Each perfectly drawn stripe speaks of the zebra’s individuality.  Although at first glance when you see a group of zebras or what is called a Zeal of zebra’s, you may confuse one for another but they aren’t in the least bit confused about their uniqueness.

Many a time have I seen my differences as a burden but in comparing myself to this creature I can appreciate my differences as blessings instead.  I guess my fondness of these beautifully painted animals lies in just that.  Each one brings something different to the Zeal but together they are one in passion and in pursuit of protection for the whole.

This reminds me of our church today.  So many gifts and talents all with an individual purpose and yet each contributing to the body as a whole.  Seeking protection, viability, and strength all in devotion to God.

Today, this 5 by 7 foot painting graces my living room wall.  About a year after my visit to the garage sale, I was contacted by the owner who was going through a hard financial time.  He sold me the same painting for a significant amount less than what he first asked.  There’s a Spanish idiom that translates into, “If it’s meant for us, it’ll be ours” – and this certainly was the case for me.

We introduce every guest in our home to this painting as our “family portrait”;   Sky, Rain, Me, and The Jensing.  No other rendering could have captured us better!

How do your stripes contribute to the Zeal?  I would love to hear about it.

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2 thoughts on “My Family Portrait

  1. Good story Rosie! – My stripes and Zeal consist of many different connected parts to my purpose; too big for my understanding….that’s why I “trust in the Lord with all my heart, and never lean on my own understanding”

    Be Blessed,