The Window to the Soul

Everything about the human body is exceptional! The way any given system functions and reflects upon another is a reminder that every part of our body is interrelated. From muscles to bones to every organ and nerve, it is all connected.

I first learned about this connection about 14 years ago, one day as I accompanied my mother to a naturopathic doctor who diagnosed her patients by examining their eyes. Although I was not there for a visit myself, once the Dr. finished examining my mom she offered to take a look at my eyes and since I was already there I figured there was nothing to lose.
Like a drug addict” is what I recall her saying. “Your eyes resemble those of a drug addict, restless, tired, irritated, stressed”. Wow, I thought to myself, I mean I was tired but never believed it would show in my eyes; at least not to this extent. As much as I didn’t want to take ownership of the “drug addict” comparison, she was right. It had been about 3 months of no sleep or interrupted sleep patterns (depending on how bad the night was) that were reflecting in my eyes. Of course the Dr. didn’t know I had just given birth 3 months prior. But after the drug addict comment I thought it was only appropriate to clear up my name and let her in on the reason behind my lack of sleep; a pretty little thing named Sky.
They call them the window to the soul. I assume it is because if you look close enough you can see the most intimate part of someone; even those things they’d rather not share. Although lack of sleep is certainly one, I speak of even more intimate details such as character, moral condition, and disposition. Though many try to cover the true nature of who they are and what they believe, these things can never truly be hidden.
Of course the Dr. couldn’t tell of my exhaustion at plain view. It was only when she used her eye examination equipment that the stress that was inside was revealed. Aside from this device it all appeared normal.
Have you ever had this same experience? Perhaps not at a Dr’s office but in everyday situations such as with someone at work, a friend, or even a neighbor? Recently, I met someone who reminded me that the truth is right below the surface and that if you look long and or deep enough it will be revealed to you. From the moment I met her I could sense that something wasn’t right…or at least not the way she was presenting it to be. After sitting with her less than 3o minutes I began to understand why I felt the way I did. She slowly began to expose herself. What was within her began to pour out from her mouth. I didn’t have to probe, all I did was listen.

Because sometimes listening is all it takes. The truth is never far behind.

Not too long ago I ran into a quote I immediately loved that states “Her Intuition was her Favorite Superpower”. For many, Intuition is that feeling of just knowing, for me its a piece of examination equipment just like the Dr. I mentioned earlier used. Its that Still Small Voice, the One that never fails and warns us of trouble up ahead. Its the Holy Spirit, guiding us and exposing truth long before our natural senses can ever realize something is wrong. If only we just acknowledged this Voice every time it spoke to us!

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