The God Particle

For over 50 years scientist researched the Higgs Boson particle or what is more commonly referred to as The God Particle, in their study of physics.  It is said that this particle is found in all matter everywhere, is what gives everything its mass, and is what holds the universe and all its other particles together. In July of 2012 after years of investigation and with the help of very advanced equipment the elusive God Particle was found and proven to exist.


It took lots of fancy machinery as well as several billion dollars to help these scientists discover what could be verified in an instance; that God’s Hand holds everything together.  Though they don’t exactly refer to it in those terms, one thing’s for sure, the God Particle is necessary for all existence.

Just like the countless particles that make up the universe, there are also particles that make up our life.  We have relationship particles, work particles, emotional particles, financial particles, character particles, and life purpose particles just to name a few.  Each of these contributes into the bigger picture of making us the unique individuals that we are.

However, if the different areas of our lives are not in order, just like the actual particles in the universe, they can collide with each other and cause great dysfunction.  One area will affect the other.

So what keeps it all together?  The God particle.

His Hand keeps everything in unison and provides a perfect balance to all the components of our lives.

We don’t need special equipment to figure this out nor do we need years of research.  All we need is a relationship.

I wonder if you have one today?

Image by: (Celestial Fantasies)

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