Table for Two



White sandy beaches, shovels, buckets, boogie boards, sunscreen, and coolers are typically what summers in Florida are made of.  Temperatures that reach all-time record highs invite everyone to spend long days at the beach sunbathing and taking cool dips in the ocean water.  I for one, immediately seek shade from the beaming sun and if at all possible, I make sure not one grain of sand comes home with me.  I’m not sure what it is about the sand sticking to my feet and getting in every possible crevice that irritates me so much.

Fourth of July at the beach this year was exactly this.  It included all of the above with a bonus of fireworks at the end.  After about 7 hours of fun in the sun we packed up our belongings, shook off the sand as best we could, and started back home.  The day’s activities had managed to build up an appetite in us, so we began considering where we could grab a bite to eat.  Our options were few considering we were not dressed for the occasion, were sticky, and carried traces of sand all over us.  As hungry as we were, we opted for picking up some quick snacks from the gas station and continued home.

Have you ever found yourself trying to shake off life?  I have; many times in fact.  Just when I think I have managed to wipe off all the particles of past failures, I find them sticking to me again.  Oh, how discouraging it is when the “sand” of life shows up just in time to remind me of where I have been, and even worse, to convince me of where I’m not going.

Snacks from the gas station satisfied the craving that evening but what do you do when you have a craving for something bigger?  Do you let fears, failures, and heartbreaks hold you back from sitting down at the table that has been reserved for you?  I have since learned a valuable nugget of truth: Dirty Feet don’t scare Jesus!  As a matter of fact, when we sit at His table all our weaknesses, failures, frailties, and sin are hidden.  No one can see them there because they are covered by His grace.

Understand this today; it’s all about position.  When we accept the position as His son or daughter that He has reserved for us, we are guaranteed that this newfound status will:

  • cover
  • heal
  • restore
  • redeem
  • release
  • make new

He is expecting you today.  Take your place!


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