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Recently, someone I know and greatly respect was selected to be ordained as a deacon at his church.  If there was someone I could truly see deserving of such a position, it was Ron.  There are many reasons I knew Ron was the man for the job, but if I had to base my case on one, it would have to be because he is a man of integrity.


As part of being considered a deacon candidate, Ron would have to endure a time of cross-questioning where he would be examined in order to make sure he was both ready and the right person.  After this process, Ron shared that it was an intense time but that he answered from the heart and felt good about the outcome.

Although he didn’t get into the questions and answers, there was one question he did share that had impacted him, and really left me meditating”Are you above reproach”?

You know…above reproachBlameless, Guiltless, Faultless, Clean??

Boy, is this a hard question to answer honestly!

Which reminds me of a book I recently read titled, How to Influence People by John Maxwell.  Although every chapter in this book is a winner, my favorite is: A Person of Influence has Integrity with People.  It’s the word integrity that strikes a chord with me.  Defined as:

the quality of being honest and having moral principles

having integrity is what would qualify us as being above reproach.     

Although easy to define, it is harder to live.

You see, integrity is what happens when nobody is looking.  It is being able to get away with something with no one ever finding out, yet choosing not to.  It is committing to others and keeping our word.  It is not compromising our belief system for the convenience of the moment.  It is taking the longer route and not cutting any corners.  It is choosing character over gains.

Integrity is having References Available upon Request

Which brings me back to Ron.  Just a short time after the above mentioned examination, Ron was officially ordained as a deacon.  His solid character I’m sure was the determining factor in his promotion.  Ron was indeed above reproach! 

Not only would I vouch for Ron, but there are many other people I know would too.  Because integrity builds trust and trust is the key to successful relationships.

How many references do you have on your list today?

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8 thoughts on “References Available upon Request

  1. I love this post. ” Because integrity builds trust and trust is the key to successful relationships.” YES!!! Good question to ponder on. How many references do I have on my list today?

    I pray I always live my life with integrity. Good checkup for me.

    • Good check up for all of us. Its much easier to talk about than to actually walk it out but the good new is that every day we get a brand new opportunity to live it and add references to our list 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  2. Rosie – Love your title, it totally piqued my curiosity. Integrity is so very important, not just for deacons, but for us all. I love how you mentioned integrity is what happens when no one is looking! Such a good reminder. thanks for sharing at #LMMLinkUp

    • Hi Debbie, thank you for stopping by. Yes! You are correct, it is important for us all. I appreciate your comment.