Out of Bounds


Win! Win! Win! Thats the attitude all the time, anytime, every time! Okay…I admit I can get carried away at times. Like the time I cried in Monopoly during a “friendly” family game because I wasn’t winning. (please note that I use that “friendly” term very loosely as we all know there are no friends during competition) Not because Im a sore looser but because I take winning very serious. Even while others see a casual game of whatever it is we’re playing as “fun” I cant help but feel a deep NEED to win. Almost as if my reputation depended on it. I guess in part it does, as my performance has to backup all the trash talk I do before hand…..yes, yes, I know its hard to believe, but I can in fact dish out my fair share of smack talk, infuriating my opponent, making the win all the more crucial!

So just last week we had a “friendly” < ahem….clear hers throat > game of volleyball at work. This was our first ever staff-volleyball game and of course my team had to win. Amateurs at best, we were having a good time laughing, making fun of each other, and celebrating when we managed to keep the ball going back and forth for more than one round. One point for that team, one point for this team…but I have to admit I was getting a bit tense when I saw they were ahead. When all of a sudden the ball was thrown in my direction and though I leaped to hit it, I missed and then I heard the call from my team …”Out of bounds”! It was a bit hard for the others to get a clear view of the ball, as I happened to be in the way so I went with the call…Out of Bounds. Truth be told, I saw the play perfectly and the ball was inside the court. Okay, okay, don’t judge me! Remember, I told you I take winning very serious and this was no exception even if it meant making a false call.

But before you stop reading and dismiss me as a cheater, bear with me, Im going somewhere.

Out of Bounds: beyond any established boundaries or prescribed limits; prohibited; forbidden.

Though as it pertains to this game, the play was a good one, and only I knew where the ball actually landed, I cant help but compare this to the times in life where I have been living Out of Bounds and have tried to give others the impression that I have been inside the court so to speak. Does anybody hear me? You know, those times where we are clearly out of our limits, out of line, in violation, cruel, improper, inappropriate, unwarranted, uncalled for. Not exactly the things we like to admit to, but I know Im not the only one.

The times where I have served the ball of life and though clearly past the limits, I have wanted others to play my game. Yet, just like during the staff volleyball game, others may not have a clear view of where I’m at, but the one who matters most …me…will always know if my play is a valid one or not making the difference between the extent to which I can enjoy the win or not.  

My team did not win the game that day. The opposing team won 3 out of 4 games. Obviously, the call on that play didn’t make a real difference in the large scope of things nor did I feel any sort of remorse for having made a false call to our advantage. In fact, if we would have won, I wouldn’t have given that play another thought and I would have savored the win as if it was a snow cone on a hot summer day…but all things in perspective, it was just a game people!!!

Would a win taste as sweet if it was off the court, in real life, and Out of Bounds on my part?…….my answer is No, what about you?

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9 thoughts on “Out of Bounds

  1. Oh, how I like to compete too. I will even practice for a friendly game of Ping-Pong. I will say though I am all about the rules. I like everyone including me to follow the rules. I can sometimes suck the fun right out of the game.

  2. I understand competitive play! I love it, but only with people who like having fun competitively! Teaching my boys to play chess and checkers was great fun, but I learned I needed to teach them how to lose, too! I’ve stepped out of bounds at times, mis-reading what I should have done or said – and regretted it. I’m still learning when to let things go, when to not react, when to not go in for an unnecessary win that can result in more of a loss than I imagined. This game of life can be tricky! Thanks for giving us such wise advise!

  3. I love to win, too, and can be super competitive. I’m task oriented, and I guess I treat winning like a task that must be accomplished!! At 41, I don’t take winning as seriously as I used to, though. Thankfully, I’ve calmed down. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us at Literacy Musing Mondays!