Keep Swimming

The Price of Advice can be sky high especially if you’re dealing with a top notch consulting firm.  High end consultants offer specialized knowledge, innovative ideas, and a fresh perspective to everyday situations that can sometimes leave us clueless about our next step.


This weekend I experienced one of those moments where not only was I clueless and didn’t know what to do next, but where I began to question even the path I’m on right now.  Boy, could I have used one of those high end consultants then!

The room was filled with an energizing vibe.  Expectation was in the air and I was excited to hear from the speaker for the evening.  I was at an entrepreneurial publishing seminar that I hoped would provide me with direction in my venture to publish my book.  The invitation to the seminar was extended to me a couple of weeks prior and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to connect with experts in the field and determine what the next best step for me was.

As expected, the event didn’t disappoint.  The information was excellent and the publishing consultants were eager to offer help in any way they could.

So you may be wondering what the problem was right?  Well, when it came time to discuss terms, I realized that the terms really weren’t going to work for me.  I left that evening feeling doubtful and second guessing what my next move should be.

And that’s when I received the best advice a discouraged girl cold ever ask for…

Keep Swimming

Yeah, you’ve probably heard those wise words before.  They come from Dory, the confused (or not so confused) blue fish in Nemo that encourages Marlin the clown fish to just keep swimming when life gets you down.

Now although these words were free -well, the cost of the movie ticket plus tax- their value was immeasurable!

The advice didn’t come from a fancy consulting firm nor was it phrased eloquently but it was enough to get me right back on the path I need to be.

Its funny how G-d will use anything in order to communicate with us; even a children’s movie.

Although, even as I write this blog I still don’t know how things will pan out, I am encouraged to know that my job is just to keep swimming and His to map out the path.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.  – Proverbs 3:5-6

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14 thoughts on “Keep Swimming

  1. Amen!! That is definitely great advice. We keep going and the Lord makes a way and arranges it all in its time. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Amen! Well stated Rosie! Even though I have never seen Nemo, I understand the thought( I need to watch with my nephews) That being said as you mentioned to me a few weeks back..God has a plan for our lives . Each plan is specific and unique for us. It is my prayer that you will continue to trust Him and not lose hope. I look forward to reading your book once completed. I am sure it will be fantastic! Thank you for this inspiring and illuminating post. It has been such a blessing and now I’ll have to watch Nemo too! Blessings to you and yours. Have a wonderful week!

    • Horace…yes you need to watch Nemo!!! LOL…if only for the keep swimming part 🙂 I continue to remind myself that His timing is perfect and nothing ever catches Him by surprise, so event though I may feel confused and without direction at times, He never is! He is completely in control and knows every one of my steps before I even take them. Thanks for stopping by Horace. As, always, I appreciate your comment and your support!

  3. Rosie, I know those feelings well … Someone wiser than me once said, just take the next right step. Trusting He will show you the way as you continue to trust in Him and keep swimming. Sweet blessings to you, friend. : )

    • Amen! And that is what I will do…take the next right step 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Crystal.

  4. Rosie – Thank you for sharing these thoughts and lesson today at #RaRALinkup where we are neighbors. I absolutely love how God can speak to us even while watching a children’s movie. The words of Dorie – Just Keep Swimming are so simple, yet so powerful. I pray as you keep swimming that God will show you exactly what you need to do next and that He will open doors for you as you begin swimming in that direction.

    • Thank you Debbie for your kinds words. I receive them 🙂 Be blessed and thanks for stopping by.

  5. That is one of my fave lines from that movie. It is important for us to keep swimming. I also will pray blessings over your book. Before Christmas, I felt the nudge from God to begin writing a book and so I have begun writing too. Glad to know that I am not alone. Blessed to be your neighbor at Tell His Story this week.

    • Hi Tara, Thank you for the good thoughts. Glad you are being obedient to His leading. There is great reward in answering His call. Appreciate you stopping by.