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This page is a section where you can share your feelings with others.  It is an open share group where there is no direct conversation, nor is there a need for a conversation starter, and where no commenting is allowed on anothers journal post.  It is simply a place for you to share your thoughts in an uninhibited fashion.


Open Share Guidelines must be observed.

1. Keep your sharing focused on your own thoughts and feelings.

2. There is no cross talk.  This is responding to what someone else has shared in their post.  

3. We are here to support one another and not “fix” one another.  This keeps us focused on our own issues.

4. Confidentiality is a basic requirement.  What is shared in the open share group stays in the open share group.

5. Offensive language has no place in the open share page.  

Can’t wait to read your posts…Thank you for sharing!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off topic.

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4 thoughts on “Open Share

  1. Hi my name is Monica.

    I wanted to share that I had 2 abortions as a young girl/teenager. When I came to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 33 I repented of these sins. I asked God for forgiveness and I know He has forgiven me. There is still something in me that is not okay, maybe is me not forgiving myself. I went through Celebrate Recovery and wasn’t really a topic the Lord dealt with since there were others that he did. When my church was providing this study I wasn’t able to take it. Then it wasn’t offered again. I still til this day feel I have to do this study. So, not a coincidence that I am reading your blog and looking into surrendering the secret. I have 1 child, 8 year old girl. Through out my entire pregnancy I was so afraid that I would lose my baby because I didn’t deserve her. Losing her would be my punishment. There are times the enemy will still whisper that in my ear. I know I’m forgiven but because I haven’t forgiven myself I still allow those thought to haunt me. We have been trying for more children for over 7 years and I will not lie, the thoughts of not deserving more is still there. Please keep me in prayer. Thank you for letting me share.

  2. I would like to share I gave up to of my own daughters due to not having the courage to stand up and fight for my daughters as a result of that I have lived everyday of my life with regret and shame. My daughters are all grown and I can’t go back to the past but I can move forward in the future and try to be a mother to them at this moment with Gods help and grace. I am in a process of becoming a better person. Thanks for letting me share.