I’m Getting My Groove Back

40…yeah that was the magic number!  I certainly wasn’t going to be one of those women.  Long beautiful flowing hair from the back that leads you to think she’s 16, but one glance at her from the front and you realize she’s actually 60.

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Just as my birthday approached is when I made up my mind…long hair after 40 was a Don’t for me… and so I chopped it all off!

It was basically an overnight decision.  I made the appointment at the salon, went in and without remorse watched as they swept away my mane which was enough to make a wig or two out of.

I left feeling light and refreshed and as if 20 years had been taken off me…ok, maybe not 20 but at least 10.

I’m not sure what it is about milestones in our lives.  But they cause us to do some of the craziest things.  Things that we would normally not do.

That was October of last year and today as only time can do, it has revealed certain truths that 9 months ago I wouldn’t have understood.

You see my whole life I never had the courage to cut my hair past my bra strap.  It was as if though my identity was found in my hair.  Without it, I just knew I wouldn’t feel like myself and all my strength and everything pretty about me would be gone.  But turning 40 and believing that crazy story about long hair at 40, pushed me to finally take the step I had been scared to take my whole life.

Although it seemed to be about the hair, it really wasn’t.

It was about a mindset!  

…A mindset that was comfortable with the familiar and didn’t want to let go of what it had always known. A misplaced identity that didn’t know how to separate physical beauty from internal value and worth.  Both of which kept me

growing something for so long for the wrong reasons.

None of the things I thought would happen when I cut my hair happened.

-The sky didn’t fall

-Elephants didn’t fly

-I didn’t lose my strength

-….and the Jensing still thinks I’m cute

The only thing that changed was my mindset.  Because sometimes we have to cut things off in order that they may grow back at a different time and for the right reasons.

Whether short or long, my hair isn’t the sum of me but just an expression!  Short was fun while it lasted but now it’s growing and I’m getting my groove back!

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16 thoughts on “I’m Getting My Groove Back

  1. I, too, chopped my hair off after 40 and I’ve never grown it back. Glad you’ve gotten your groove back, no matter how long your hair is. 🙂 It’s good to have a mindset change every now and then. Following you at Jennifer’s this week. Blessings!

    • It’s funny how we all begin to think alike after a certain point 🙂 Long hair or short hair, its all about perspective! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It’s funny how being comfortable can cause us to think certain things about ourselves. I am beginning to find as I take brave steps towards change, remaining in the comfortable can sometimes keep us stagnate. Thank you for this reminder. Praying to recognize what and when I need to change so that I always continue to grow in Him. Blessings!

    • Hi Joanne. Yes it seems that familiarity has a way of keeping us stuck!! My prayer is the same as yours that I would be able to recognize those areas in my life and take the leap necessary to change. Change is constant!

  3. This made me chuckle. I am 65 years old and from the time I was 42, she kept asking me, “When are you going to get a “real hairdo”?” I am married to a hairdresser and he happened to like long hair, is awesome at braids and up-do’s and is willing to keep my graying hair colored! My mom passed away in October 2012 and I was still wearing a ponytail! (I know, right?)
    Today my hair is cut and styled (shorter in the back with longer sides; bob-like) – it is still colored every 6-7 weeks. The day my hubs cut it all off, I look up toward heaven and showed my mom I finally had a respectable hair-do for “someone my age!!!”

    • This is very funny Susan. Thank you for sharing!! It made me smile. Well…I guess I now know that long or short what really matters is whats inside and however we feel most comfortable is best! Im sure your hair is lovely and as long as your hubby likes it then I say keep it 😉

  4. We were laughing just last night about a comment someone made about short hair being in—we replied with it’s *in* for us older crowd. 🙂 But I’m sure your hair looks great long or short, and either way, it doesn’t define you. I applaud your courage! “Because sometimes we have to cut things off in order that they may grow back at a different time and for the right reasons.” Truth!

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by. Yes!!!! It does not define us. Took me a minute to figure that one out 🙂 I appreciate you sharing!

  5. Wow! I need to share this post with a friend of mine. Her hair is almost to her waist and she has been talking about cutting it for almost 4-5 years. Some people have told her she won’t be the same with short hair but you have summed it up perfectly. Her beauty is not in the long hair but it’s about what Jesus is doing inside her heart! Thank you for sharing this Rosie! Sounds like God is continuing to grow you in Him! Have a wonderful weekend and may God bless you and yours!

    • Hi Horace…Yes!, please share it with her. Beauty is how we feel inside and not what we wear on the outside. I feel great with it both long or short because my perspective has changed and that is key! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. When I first let my hair grow out after keeping it short for years, I had one bad hair day and chopped it off. Before I even got up from the chair at the salon I was crying because I knew I made a mistake. I let it grow out after that and even donated hair a few years ago. I loved the shortness of it at that time so I decided to keep it short until 2013 after seeing pictures of curls I have never had before, so I let it grow again. I’m 45 and it is now almost at my waist. If the hair will keep growing until the middle of my bum, I’ll cut it again to donate.

    I always heard long hair after 40 was not fashionable, but I think if the style doesn’t make you look old, then go for it.

    Rosie, thanks for linking with Thankful Thursdays.

    • I agree Lori, its all about the way it makes you feel. Glad to hear you are comfortable with it now! Thanks for sharing 🙂