I Woke Up Like This…


I hadn’t even opened my eyes when I heard the buzzing sound from my phone indicating I had a new text message.  Who could it be so early in the morning?  6:39 am to be exact.  If this day was going to be like the day before, I might as well have just stayed in bed, buried my face in the pillow, and have gone into a sleeping marathon to carry me over another 24 hours. Diamond

Perhaps you’re familiar with days like those.  The type where the distance between you and God is so great that Left Behind feels more like your reality rather than a movie.  The last thing I wanted was an encore presentation of that day’s occurrences.

I’m not exactly sure what caused me to falter.  The only thing I’m sure of is that I forgot who I was.  Science and medicine call it amnesia; God calls it deceit.

Have you ever had your identity stolen?  The thief grabs a hold of your personal information and claims to be you.  He runs around committing illegal acts all while using your name and face.  Although not accurate, to the outside person, it appears that you have committed the transgressions.

Deceit works in the same way.  It begins with a light fog of confusion that slowly invades your mind, robs you of all truth, and eventually clouds your judgment.  Before you know it, you are walking around in complete dysfunction and compromising that which you normally wouldn’t.  To the outside person, it is you who has committed the transgressions.  Your reputation is destroyed!

How easy it is to fall prey to deception!

-And that’s when I heard my name.  What was I doing?  Where was I at?  How did I get here?  Faith, Courage, and Boldness had been replaced by fear, timidity, and uncertainty.  I went to sleep that night in a shattered state.  Convinced that I had digressed so much that I might not know how to get back on track.

Thank you Jesus for another day“, read the text message.  Then all of a sudden it hit me; His mercies are new every morning.  Yesterday was gone and this day was another opportunity to get things right.  This is how I got back on track, with the start of a new day and the realization that I woke up like this; Flawless!

Have you ever forgotten who you were?


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