How Thirsty are You?

Thirst can cause us to do some desperate things.  There have been many a story of people stuck at sea that resort to drinking seawater due to being completely parched.    Though the outcome for ingesting water with these levels of salt are not favorable, can we blame those in such desperate situations for opting to take their chances?


Thirst is a force to be reckoned with; desperate thirst at that.  The kind that keeps us awake at night.  Though I’m certainly including physical thirst, I’m more so referring to a deeper inbred thirst.  The kind that causes us to try option after option, chance after chance, all in hopes of achieving a certain goal or outcome.

Perhaps you recognize this thirst by a different name; passion, purpose, or desire.

Whatever you may call it, if you’ve ever experienced this type of thirst I’m sure you would agree with me that at its core, it demands to be satisfied.

Now, thirst existed even in biblical times.  During his time in Gerar, Isaac dug up several wells in order to satisfy the thirst.  Though there was quarreling over the first two wells he dug, and Isaac had to give those up to locals who claimed it as their own, the third well resulted in a keeper for Isaac.

As you can imagine, digging involves lots of work.  The ground may be hard and it is easy to lose focus of the water (our goals) and become consumed with the dirt in between.  Yet, if Isaac would have stopped digging after the second well, he may not have ever found the one that was meant for him.

Which reminds me of a well I recently dug just this week.

When I began to consider the idea of digging, I was tempted to quit even before I began.

I mean G-d doesn’t need my help anyway, so why even bother?!  If He wanted to give me a well then He could just do so without me lifting a finger… He doesn’t need me to do anything on my part, just sit back and wait on Him right??

That was the thought process leading me to reason my way out of the work ahead.  That is until I remembered,

Faith without works is dead

You see, if the thirst is desperate enough, we are willing to dig as deep and as long as necessary.  Though we wait on the Lord, it is an active wait where if one well doesn’t produce, we move on to the next one, not afraid of the effort it will take on our part and never wavering in our belief that it is only a matter of time before we reach the water.


I pray you are Actively Waiting on the Lord today.  Keep Digging…!!!

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11 thoughts on “How Thirsty are You?

  1. I love this term: Active Waiting.
    This is so applicable to my walk right now — patience, perseverance; doing my little thing and waiting for God to do His BIG thing.
    Thanks for your wisdom.

    • Thanks for sharing Michele. Yes, waiting on Him to do the BIG thing but at the same time keeping active on our end knowing that He will do His part so long as we do ours 🙂

  2. Waiting on the Lord can truly involve taking steps and moving closer to His purposes and call for our lives. I, too, like the term – “actively waiting.” It says so much about this process of being with Him even when we are not sure of where we are headed. He does.

  3. This thirsting has been a common theme for me the past few days, beginning with our pastor’s sermon on Sunday. I need to be more aware of the wells around me, which are good and which have gone dry. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that you mention actively waiting. It gives us the idea that we don’t just sit and wait, but while we are waiting we are believing and moving forward. Like Isaac, I want to keep moving forward pursuing my goal, rather than sitting back waiting for it to just fall in my lap. Thanks for sharing at #TellHisStory.

    • Yes, we actively wait on the Lord! He will not do what we can do ourselves! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Always food for thought and making me think about the bigger picture. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and the continual support. #sharewithme