Finding Your Current

Have you ever felt like the slowest man in the race?  You know, the one who things never seem to work out for, or the one who never makes it as far as everyone else does in life.  If you have, you are in good company as I have felt like this plenty of times before, but have come to discover that speed depends on location.


When I look back and examine those moments where my momentum was basically non-existent, I notice they all have one thing in common; those moments are all linked to a place, event, or situation where I wasn’t supposed to be in, in the first place.

I only gained traction when I was riding the current I was created to be on.

Take for example the sea turtle.  Sea turtles are found in almost every ocean basin in the world.  They begin life in the sandy beaches as hatchlings and make their way to the ocean where they virtually spend their whole lives.  It is said they can migrate for distances even as far as 1400 miles which means many times they are crossing entire oceans.

I’m sure you remember the most famous sea turtle of all, Crush.  That’s the Eastern Pacific Green Sea Turtle in the movie, Finding Nemo.  This 150 year old sea turtle brought Marlin and Dory one step closer to finding Nemo by giving them a ride on his shell down the Eastern Australian current to Sydney Harbor.

But wait, aren’t turtles supposed to be slow?  Well, yes and no.  A sea turtle is quite slow on land but in the water they are very fast and can reach speeds of up to 20 miles an hour.

So what is the difference you ask?  The location.

The sea turtle was created to be a swimmer and journey most of his or her life.  Taken out of this environment and placed where he isn’t meant to be, slows him down.

The slowest man in the race is just like the sea turtle.  He is slow not because he is less capable than everyone else, but because he is out of place.

Today, I pray you will find your place and your current!


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4 thoughts on “Finding Your Current

  1. Oh I love this, I can so relate and I have just hit the water and started moving at a faster pace. I used to talk about my time of being out of place as living in a turtle shell. How true it was! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thank you for your comment Zenice. I am glad you have found your current. So have I. Its a great place to be!