Jesus Doesn’t Say the “F” Word


There are several choice words that Jesus doesn’t have in His vocabulary and the F word is no exception.  Now, before your mind goes astray, let me clarify.  I am not speaking of the F-bomb (as we commonly refer to) that is sometimes thrown around to shock and offend others.  It is obvious that is not a word that we would ever hear Jesus say.  Yet, there are other words that are not as distinct, and although not obscene in nature, but still not a part of Jesus’ everyday word-stock.


The four letter word I am referring to is FAIL.

While hanging out with our girls this weekend, in between laughter and crazy conversation, we spotted a limousine that had broken down in a shopping center.  It was about 9:00pm and it was obvious the limousine was transporting someone somewhere and to put it simply, the situation was not the best.  As we talked about how terrible it must have been to be stranded, our expressive little Rain, couldn’t resist throwing in her two cents and blurted out how being in that situation really “sucks”!

Now if you’re reading this blog, I am assuming you are old enough to know what appropriate language is, so I will refrain from turning this into an etiquette lesson.  However, if you parent little ones, you can understand there are words we just don’t want our children saying.  The Jensing took a moment to explain that we don’t use words like this to express ourselves but Rain was stuck on how suck isn’t a bad word.

My explanation is always the same: there are bad words and then there are ugly words, and sucks happens to be an ugly one.  As elementary as this sounds, this was all she needed to hear, to understand that this could not be a part of her everyday word-stock.

If we had allowed Rain to use this word and hadn’t called her out on it, she would have assimilated it as an acceptable form of expression.  What’s more, this term would have become one she could identify with at any given point had she given it permission to exist in her vocabulary.

There are many words that Jesus doesn’t say, but without a doubt, Jesus doesn’t say Fail. To allow this word to be part of His vocabulary implies that it is not only acceptable but that at some point He could identify with it, which we all know He cannot.

This causes me to analyze the words I have been accepting in my life and identifying with, as well as at what point I allowed them to become part of my vocabulary.  Some of these words are learned, some we acquire as a result of experience, and yet others are given to us.

The good news is that our vocabulary is solely ours and can be revamped at any given time.

Today, I chose to accept and identify with the following: redeemed, restored, released, victorious, fierce, brave, and dauntless.

What ugly words have you been allowing in your life and what new ones are you going to replace them with?