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The pre-ceremony parade that takes place prior to any awards show, also known as the red carpet, is the place to be seen for all celebrities.  Here they get the opportunity to strut down the extra-long welcome mat all while receiving the admiration of those gazing on.  For the spectators, the excitement comes not only from watching all the prominent guests arrive, but from learning who they are wearing (a phrase coined by the late Joan Rivers to inquire about the designer of a stars outfit for the night). redcarpet

The red carpet has become an event all on its own in the recent years.  Being named Best Dressed on the red carpet is just as lucrative an award as the ones received on the stage during the main ceremony.  As a result of such a nomination, the appointee will grace the cover of magazines and television screens everywhere and be recognized for their strength in choice of clothes that evening.

Although us regular women may never walk a red carpet, it is equally important for us to wear our best, especially for those very significant moments in our lives.

Most recently I found myself thinking about 2 of the best dressers I know.  When a significant moment comes along, they both know exactly what to wear and don’t get lost behind the clutter of the closet.  Both of these ladies only have one outfit in their closet for these occasions.  It’s not sparkly, pink, or full of sequins.  It’s not expensive, not bought at a high end store, and not made out of silk or cashmere.

It’s a hand woven garment made out of strength.  Perhaps you own one, and if you don’t, perhaps you’d like to.

I have seen both these ladies dress themselves with strength when they have had nothing else to wear.  Over sick children, hospital rooms, tough financial situations, separation from family, and other heartache they have never considered wearing anything else.

My admiration has been for both of these women and their resilience but I have been even more consumed by the one who dressed them.  After all, as Joan Rivers taught us, it is as much about the designer as it is about the design.

This garment is available to us all.  It’s tailored made to fit each and every one of us; never too big and never too small.  And always the exact size we are going to need for the occasion.

She dresses herself with strength Proverbs 31:17

Strength and dignity are her clothing Proverbs 31:25

Who are you wearing today?

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